It’s a pleasure to play with it!

  ,, I chose a silver tuning plug and a silver crown plug with a gold membrane for my Muramatsu instrument. There is a big difference compared to the factory plug! The sound is much more balanced, the lower registers are easier to sound, and the dynamic range is also larger. The intonation feature of […]

…more beautiful,

I bought a zirconium tuning plug for my Sankyo silver flute and a silver crown plug with an 18 carat gold diaphragm. During my exercises, I found that my instrument has an order of magnitude more beautiful, larger sound, and it plays with ease, which has taken a lot of work and time so far! […]

I chose a bronze

I chose a bronze tuning plug for my Sankyo instrument, which made the instrument intonation even more stable. It also gave me a noble light to the full range of sound that immediately convinced me. The deep register is noticeably more full-bodied, while the former raw color has become brilliant. Double tongue play is not […]

„Use less energy”

  „With the improved headjoint it has become easier to play the flute, especially during prolonged rehersals. It takes less effort to play forte. Pianos can be started softer in the third register. I used to have minor issues with launching D1 and C1 with fortissimo. These have been eliminated totally. More powerful sound with […]

„My highest recommendation, without any doubt”

  „I was really cautious when I first bought my precious ebony tuning plug, but it has been a great help since I had it. This revolutionary head enhanced the sound of my instrument to an extent which was noticeable even for my audience. The overall sound is shinier and fuller. Though we still have […]

„I wish everyone would find their beloved one”

  „I heard about the new improved headjoint first in 2018. I’ve had my doubts in the beginning, just as everyone else, however, already the first try has proven its positive effects. Softer, more charming and more dynamic sound and easier phonation. Notes are launched much quicker, the lower register sounds nicer. It took me […]

„I was inspired by the countless new opportunities”

  „I added a new headjoint made of 14 carat gold and zirconium alloy and a silver crown with a 14 carat golden membran to my Pearl flute 6 months ago. Since then my flute’s sound is higher and wider. Improved and more dynamic performance leads me to the freedom of musical expression. Pianos are […]

„A new, upgraded instrument was born”

  „I’ve used the improved flute head for 3 months now. With these applied changes a new, upgraded instrument was born. It gives me confidence – I know I can play extreme dynamics with great quality. Phonation is easier, tone is charming, there are no glitches. With the help of the revolutionary interior extensions, the […]

„Intonation and phonation are effortless”

  „I’ve experienced a previously unknown side of music since I first started to use the reformed flute head. My flute is brighter and softer. As the sound is released on each side, the flute sounds fuller, more charming and powerful in each register. It is much easier to start notes or play staccato – […]

„Benefits of the silver-zirconium stopper”

    „I’ve used a silver-zirconium stopper since February 2019. Right after the first try I’ve already had positive experience – it was easier to start and finish sounds with less air. The lower register sounds rich and wonderful. Overall the flute sounds brighter and shinier. Even my audience has noticed these improvements. Since I […]