Unscrew the upper part of the flute crown stopper.

Set the mounting tree to a very stable point.

Turn the flute head down and insert the crown thread shaft into the mounting hole..

Hold the flute head on both sides with both hands and press down firmly. Take care of the mouthpiece, only hold the tube! This is how to push the factory tuning plug. Take care of your physical integrity!

Insert the tuning plug into the flute head. Red mark on the left, black mark on the right. That’s how it goes!

Push the tuning plug until the red line of the mounting tree reaches the center of the diffuser.

Insert the crown plug into the end of the flute head.
We recommend that you turn the crown plug slightly to the side and press the black rubber ring slightly. The corona plug should be firmly inserted into the flute head.

The package will include black spare rubber rings. If one of the rubber rings is too large to fit, it should be replaced with a thinner rubber ring.

We send a piece of thin Teflon tape wrapped in the assembly tree. If any of the rubber rings are slightly loose, then this Teflon tape must be placed under the rubber ring to stand tight!

Practice for two hours to experience the potential of the new tuner plug.