Alt Flute

Silver 925 Plug-in Tuner H model

Recommended for alpaca flutes.
It sounds easier than the factory plug.

The sound starts faster.

The instrument sounds more colorful and warmer.

The bass will be richer.

In the upper octave, more sounds can be played and the sound quality is improved.

Price: 89,000 HUF

Silver 925 crown plug
At the Alpaca flute, it “polishes” the sound very nicely.

The instrument sounds bigger

The sound is further enhanced by using a gold plate.

Price: 45 000 HUF

Brass Plug-in Tuner H model

It sounds nicer and easier than the original plug.
The intervals are clearer.
You can play fast, pregnant stackers.
The volume range is larger and the treble sounds fuller.

Price: 40 000 HUF

Brass crown adapter.

Can be used to replace the original crown plug

Price: 5 000 HUF