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Would you like to enhance your current flute up to its full potential and challenge the modern instruments?

Would you like your student flute sound professionally?

Would you like to play authentic baroque music? Would you like your silver flute sound as a traditional wooden instrument with a deep burgundy sound?

Would you like to experience how a golden stopper works with your silver flute?

All of these features- any many more – are within reach for you if you choose from our products, which are are protected by Hungarian and international patent.

We – Zoltán Lakat, flute teacher and Tamás Horváth, engineer – have invested many years of hard work in the creation of the reform flute head. Our invention has been perfectionated with the help of several specialists from Pécs. Our product applies a revolutionary acoustic principle used first by us. It is scientifically well grounded, its efficiency has been validated by official acoustic investigations performed at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. High precision of production guarantees an enhanced musical performance.

For students

Student flutes applying our crowns and stoppers are easier to play. Music students can acquire techniques easier and can concentrate more on how to express music.

For professionals

Professional flutists can also enjoy the benefits of our headjoints. As these headjoints work based on a new acoustic principle, they ensure that sound waves are created in the ideal range. Resonance is free from overtones.

Traditionally transverse flutes are equipped with a flat tuning surface. The 6000 years old artefact found in China is an evidence that the 2 dimensional tuning surface had been used for a long time. Flute makers has conserved this original surface either out of respect, or because it is easy to make. However, as I collected experience during my active years, I started to doubt the efficiency of this flat surface. I was confirmed that a different surface is needed to play each note equally clearly. Tamás Horváth, engineer was my partner in my experiments. You can read our story here.

The designers


Zoltán Lakat


Tamás Horváth

“I graduated from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts as a flute teacher. I was a student of István Barth, Liszt-prize flutist. I played in the Symphonic Orchestra of Pécs for thirty-one years, then retired from the Pannon Philharmonic in 2007. I’ve been working as a music teacher ever since. ”

“I graduated from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology in 2011. I enrolled to the Agócsy László Music School to learn how to play the flute. I have met Zoltán Lakat there and we have worked together since then.”

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